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What does promoting an ineffective culture – resulting in a billion dollar scandal – get you? Fired.

One of the world’s most recognizable consumer electronics brands has recently announced that at least of the 16 board members, including CEO and President Hisao Tanaka, are resigning over a billion dollar accounting scandal. Toshiba, a Japanese corporation, has been … Continue reading

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What Companies Can Learn From BuzzFeed When it Comes to Content Creation

Millennials love BuzzFeed. It’s undeniable. I can’t log on to Facebook and scroll for more than ten seconds without seeing someone share a Buzzfeed article or quiz, my friends are constantly sending me Buzzfeed links and lets not even get … Continue reading

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Marketing Strategies for Hispanic Millennials

  We all aware how much brands influence the purchasing power Millennials control as the largest generation in the United States. Over the next few years Latinos will account for more than 80% of the growth in the population of … Continue reading

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Marketing communication in China

Marketing Communication in China Have you ever said something you perceived to be funny and a person you were telling it to is completely baffled and even offended? I have! You can say it was very insensitive that I made … Continue reading

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How do we consume digital media?

With today’s technological advancements, media can be digitally consumed in so many ways – through apps, online, etc. Each year, Reuter’s Institute releases a report that studies the way individuals consume media on a daily basis. Through their research and … Continue reading

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The self destructive marketing strategy of Donald Trump

It’s been talked about again and again in the news, on popular radio stations, and made fun of countless times on the internet.  I’m talking about none other than Donald Trump, the former business mogul and presidential candidate whose know-it-all demeanor continues … Continue reading

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Internet Radio: A Good Start with the Right Marketing Plan

When I first starting coming to Knoxville for business I had no idea I would end up back on the radio. I must admit I was very excited about exploring the radio airwaves and building my brand as a local … Continue reading

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Artful Advertising

One of the main themes that I have been trying wrapping my head around during this class is the difference between art and advertising. I’ve finally figured out that although advertising can be artful it is intended to sell a … Continue reading

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Communication in Art World. What is in here for business people?

It has almost been three months as I have started my new job in Contemporary Art Organization as Marketing and PR Director. Before this I have worked in different companies but they all were B2C and never related to such … Continue reading

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Buying Contact Lists in Email Marketing and Why it Does Not Work.

  This morning at my office, I was running our weekly marketing meeting and upon talking about numbers in regards to our awareness campaign was interrupted by one of my young interns. He blurted out, “Why don’t you just buy … Continue reading

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