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Second Screen Shopping Says Bye Buy to Retail Endcaps and Displays

A fellow Trojan and one of my favorite group members, Kristal Shipp, sent our group a link of Gary Vaynerchuck’s #AskGaryVee Espisode 45. Apparently when he’s not throwing jabs and right hooks, Gary V. hosts an online segment in which … Continue reading

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Black-ish, Urban-ish, Latino-ish…

In ABC’s new comedy “Black-ish” the lead character is an executive at a high-profile advertising agency.  In the pilot episode, he gets word that he is being promoted—he assumes he will be named the new SVP of the agency only to find … Continue reading

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Five Vacation Destinations Just Added

Whenever people ask me to reveal one thing that’s interesting about me, I always get stuck. I always end up saying something like, “I bet you’d never guess that I love country music.” Sure, people never would have guessed I … Continue reading

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Is Google selling the rope that we plan to hang them with?

Google is currently conducting an online experiment in alternative funding for the internet, which it has called Contributor. The program, which allows website viewers the option to a monthly fee of a few dollars to have ads removed from the … Continue reading

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Make It Personal

No matter what industry you are in, social media and marketing are bed fellows here to stay.  At least into the foreseeable future!  Optimizing your posts can be a digital marketers toughest jobs.  With so many experts, guru’s, specialists out … Continue reading

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FaceBook changes the rules, again. To which I say “good!”

Any posts generated by a brand that appear to look too much like an advertisement will now have their reach restricted by Facebook (Peterson, 2014). The company announced this change last week, but it has not created any panic among … Continue reading

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Pizza Hut’s Rebranding

I’ve been looking at the different ways that companies reinvent themselves as food for thought and inspiration for my final project in 541. Pizza Hut is has launched a major re-branding and I thought it was worthwhile to take a … Continue reading

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HBO Going Over The Top

In today’s ever changing media consumption world, one thing seems to be clear. People are starting to evaluate their cable bundle more than ever before. They look at their increasingly large cable bill, typically north of $75+ dollars, even for … Continue reading

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Yeah….they’ve got your number.

First, a confession; then a question. Confession: I have a longtime, rather unhealthy fetish for very luxurious, very expensive handbags. I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at websites in pursuit of my next conquest. I have visions of … Continue reading

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How to turn a campus subculture into billions of sales

Do you know what 11.11 means in China? Ten years ago, November 11 was not a special day in China. But many university male students began to celebrate 11.11 as a special day for singles, simply because “1” was associated … Continue reading

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