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Live Video: Customer Engagement in Real Time!

Live video is being adopted as an effective marketing way by many brands including AT&T, McDonald’s, Maybelline and Airbnb (Dietrich & Weller, 2017). Live videos of McDonald’s and Maybelline were linked directly to specific products that brands are aimed at … Continue reading

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Mindfulness & Marketing: A Peaceful Coexistence or Conflict of Interest?

I’ve recently taken up a practice of mindfulness in my own life. Upon exploring and attempting to integrate practices into my daily routine, I got to thinking, does mindfulness play a role in marketing? Can it impact us both as … Continue reading

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Facebook Vows to Kill Fake Stories– Are Media Brands In Trouble?

From what started as a means for college students to connect across campuses, Facebook has evolved into an international  communication channel and for many, a news resource and a platform to freely speak their opinions. Makes sense doesn’t it? Let’s … Continue reading

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