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Let’s Talk About Generation Z

Other fellow marketers reading this may be familiar with an annual report released by Tubular Labs, a cross-platform analytics and insights company, that details upcoming trends and important considerations when marketing to specific demographics. We’ve all heard the M word … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Addiction: It’s a Real Thing!

I want everyone to visualize something for me for but a moment. Imagine your last few social situations (three or more people present). You may have been grabbing dinner, seeing a movie, or just hanging out at someone’s house. What … Continue reading

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How Belgium conquered the world.

From the age of seven, I spent about ten years in Belgium, culminating in grad school in Leuven—home of Stella Artois—and a stint working in Brussels, the capital city. Belgium is a small country about the size of Maryland, with … Continue reading

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What was Burger King thinking?

When Miami-based Burger King (BKC) announced its acquisition of Tim Hortons on August 26, the pundits went wild and consumers made mincemeat out of Burger King on social media. While the burger chain claimed they wanted to leverage their new … Continue reading

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Now I Want Pringles

Branded entertainment. Situational advertising. Product placement. – They are integrated marketing attempts to embed advertising within content.  Just over a decade ago the media was reporting on its rise and unlimited options (“The times they are a-changin’,” 2004), and now … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2013 Ads Rock Social Media Integration

My favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was for Oreo.  They successfully provided a commercial that was entertaining, and called viewers to action.  Plus their campaign is consistent across Facebook and Twitter.  They got people talking about Oreo online, with … Continue reading

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