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The annual MarTech conference was held this week in San Francisco. I actually attended the first one years ago and it apparently continues to grow bigger and bigger each year. If you aren’t familiar with it, it focusses on the … Continue reading

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Deadpool Kills It

Deadpool crushed it at the box office. But he wasn’t supposed too. The movie was produced for just 58 million and took in over 132 million in its opening week in February, which is typically the doldrums for releases and … Continue reading

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The Hidden Hook

I like to think I don’t consume a lot of media or expose myself to a ton of advertising. My favorite ads are the freeway billboards for Seriously, I don’t know why we can’t have more of these types … Continue reading

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Mom, what is that girl doing with her hamburger?

Unsure of what to write about, I asked my thirteen-year-old daughter’s advice for a writing prompt. She suggested I write about how advertising has changed since I was her age and then reminded me of how I’m always complaining about … Continue reading

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Tablets Take a Shopping Trip

As I discussed in my last article on the blog, Making Marketing Mobile, companies have to ensure that their integrated marketing plans include concentration on the digital space.  More specifically, this focus will need to be targeted to mobile device … Continue reading

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Making Marketing Mobile

Another significant shift is beginning to occur in how consumers utilize the interactive space.  The growth of ownership and usage of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is beginning to affect user behavioral patterns and interactions with online content.  … Continue reading

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